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Stay tuned for our 2021 meeting updates. At this time, we assume that we will still be meeting via Zoom. More meeting details to come. We “meet” on the third Thursday of every other month from 9 am – 10am. 

Mark Your Calendars for Our 2021 Zoom Meetings:

February 18, 2021 at 9am via Zoom.  Tish Oakley, owner of Earth Monkey Energies, presents “All for Balance Mind Body Integration” Workshop for stress reduction and relaxation. Must RSVP to Shannon Tippette at to receive the Zoom link.

Bio: I grew up in North Carolina, in a chaotic home environment (as many of us have). I knew there had to be a different way, and explored different methods to calm my soul. In the early 90’s, I joined a Hamsa meditation group, but found the sitting meditation difficult; my body just couldn’t be still.

Tai Chi was recommended as a moving meditation. Then I found my amazing and authentic Tai Chi Sifu/teacher just the next year! I studied internal Kung Fu with Sifu first: Yang Family Tai Chi long form, Push Hands, Tai Chi Sword; and Iron Shirt Chi Kung. Then he introduced me to external Kung Fu – Wing Chun and Tiger Crane styles.

Fast forward a number of years, and a friend (who is a Reiki practitioner) tells me that I have gifts I need to share. She told me this after feeling my ability to move my energy (learned from Kung Fu and Qigong!). She continued to push me until I completed my first Reiki course. It was an enlightening experience! The second day of the class, my classmate came back and told me that her hip pain was better after I had practiced on her the day before. I was shocked that my hands could really help someone else experience relief and peace!! It was incredible.

Prior to finding that first meditation course, I went to East Carolina University, and graduated with a BA in English, and a minor in Business. Then I went to graduate school at NC State, studying rhetoric. (This is when I started my Kung Fu/ Tai Chi/ Qigong journey.) After my coursework was over, I began my 25 year career in home building, working at 3 different large production builders (2 of which were National Builders of the Year!).

While working full time, I raised my son by myself. He was born a sweet sensitive soul, and has been such a blessing. He recently has started using Qigong to control his asthma flare-ups.

Eventually I hit the burn out button and needed to change. I realized I had different gifts to offer. As a result, I started Earth Monkey Energies to help others live a balanced life and reach their goals without hitting burn out. It’s my mission to teach others about their energy, and how fun it is to be in the skin that we’re in with a variety of offerings 

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December Holiday Party – TBA